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Illinois Citizens for Smart Growth is funded only by donations, which are used to cover internal expenses of outreach and other forms of communication. The group is a not-for-profit 501(c)4 organization.  Unfortunately, your contribution is not tax deductible. Below, you will find 3 ways to donate money.


1. PayPal: Click on the icon  .   Once logged on,

a) select "Sign Up Now" OR "Log in"

b) donate to email account donate@stop158.org

c) enter the amount you wish to donate

d) select "Services" button otherwise there will be a small fee of $1<

e) create a msg and confirm information

f) select pay / confirm payment

g) we appreciate your contribution

2. By mail. You may donate money by means of personnel check, bank check, money order, or travelers check to;

                Stop158: Citizens for Smart Growth
                22 Royal Oaks Drive
                Troy, IL 62294

3. In Person. Contact any team member below to provide your donation;

a) Richard (hm) 618.632.3158, rellerbrake@att.net

b) Jack, (hm) 618.281.5460, jmnorman@htc.net

c) Marty, (hm) 618.667.7661, marty1115@gmail.com

d) Dick, (hm) 618.667.6289, rskillings6289@charter.net

e) Annette, (hm) 618.667.2465, MTCofSTL@aol.com

f) Manny, email: hwcollectn@aol.com


We thank you for your donation!


Stop158: Citizens for Smart Growth
(Richard, Manny, Marty, Dick, Ken, Jack, Annette, and Bob)