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Illinois Highway Code
605 ILCS 5/


(605 ILCS 5/)





    (605 ILCS 5/4-501)

    Sec. 4-501. The Department, in its name, or any county  may  acquire

the  fee simple title, or such lesser interest as may be desired, to any

land,  rights,  or  other  property  necessary  for  the   construction,

maintenance  or  operation of State highways, or necessary for locating,

relocating, extending, widening or straightening any State  highway,  or

necessary for locating, relocating, extending, widening or straightening

an  existing  street  or  for  laying out, establishing or opening a new

street within the corporate limits of any municipality  which  has  been

designated by the Department as a street to form a part of or to connect

with  a  State  highway  leading  up  to  the  corporate  limits of such

municipality, or necessary for any other purpose or use contemplated  by

this  Code by purchase or by the exercise of the right of eminent domain

under the eminent domain laws of this State and the Department shall not

be required, in any case, to furnish bond.

    When, in the judgment of the acquiring agency, it is more  practical

and  economical  to  acquire the fee to the inaccessible remnants of the

tracts of land from which rights-of-way are being acquired than  to  pay

severance  damages,  such  agency may do so by purchase or by an eminent

domain proceeding.

    When a part of a parcel of land is to be  taken  for  State  highway

purposes  and  the  accessible  remnant  is  to  be  left  in a shape or

condition rendering it of little value to the owner or  giving  rise  to

claims  for  severance  or  other  damages,  upon written request of the

owner, the acquiring agency may take the whole parcel and  may  sell  or

exchange the part not needed for highway purposes.

    When  acquiring  land  for  a  highway on a new location, and when a

parcel of land one acre  or  less  in  area  contains  a  single  family

residence,  which is in conformance with existing zoning ordinances, and

only a part of that  parcel  is  required  for  State  highway  purposes

causing  the  remainder  of  the parcel not to conform with the existing

zoning ordinances, or when the location of the right of way line of  the

proposed  highway  reduces  the  distance from an existing single family

residence to the right of way line to 10 feet  or  less,  the  acquiring

agency  shall,  if  the  owner  so  demands,  take  the  whole parcel by

negotiation or condemnation. The part not needed  for  highway  purposes

may be rented, sold or exchanged by the acquiring agency.

    When  any  farm  land  is acquired for State highway purposes by the

exercise of the right of eminent domain, the rate of compensation to  be

paid   by  the  acquiring  agency  shall  be  computed  by  taking  into

consideration the total acreage originally involved  in  the  farm  land

parcel, including that portion of such parcel already part of a right of

way  for highway purposes but for which legal title lies in the owner of

the parcel.

(Source: P.A. 81-536.)


    (605 ILCS 5/4-502)

    Sec. 4-502. When the Department deems it necessary to build,  widen,

alter,  relocate  or straighten any ditch, drain or watercourse in order

to drain or protect any highway or highway structure it is authorized to

construct, maintain or operate, it may acquire the  necessary  property,

or  such  interest  or  right  therein  as  may  be required, by gift or

purchase or, if the compensation or damages cannot be  agreed  upon,  by

the  exercise  of  the  right of eminent domain under the eminent domain

laws of this State. The Department shall not be required to furnish bond

in any eminent domain proceeding.

(Source: Laws 1959, p. 196.)


    (605 ILCS 5/4-503)

    Sec. 4-503. For the  purpose  of  making  subsurface  soil  surveys,

preliminary  surveys and determinations of the amount and extent of such

land, rights or other property required, the Department, or any  county,

by  its officers, agents or employees, after written notice to the known

owners and occupants, if any, may enter upon the lands or waters of  any

person,  but  subject  to  responsibility for all damages which shall be

occasioned thereby.

(Source: P.A. 84-713.)


    (605 ILCS 5/4-504)

    Sec. 4-504. Subject to the approval of the Governor and the  consent

of  any  department,  board,  commission, officer or other agency of the

State government having control and custody of any land now or hereafter

owned by the State, the Department is authorized to take  and  use  such

portion  as may be deemed necessary for State highway purposes over such

land, provided such taking and use by the Department does not  interfere

with the use of such land by the agency so having control and custody.

(Source: Laws 1959, p. 196.)


    (605 ILCS 5/4-505)

    Sec. 4-505. In addition to whatever powers the Department may by law

now possess, whenever it is necessary as an incident to the construction

of a new State highway or  the  relocation,  reconstruction,  extension,

widening,  straightening, alteration, repair, maintenance or improvement

of an existing State highway (including extensions of a new or  existing

State  highway  through  or  into  a municipality upon a new or existing

street) that the line or tracks of a railroad or railway company or  the

wires,  poles,  pipes or other facilities of a public utility, which are

not then located in or upon a public street or  highway,  be  relocated,

and  the Department and such company or public utility have entered into

an agreement, approved by the Illinois Commerce  Commission,  concerning

such relocation, the Department is authorized to purchase, or to acquire

through  the  exercise  of the right of eminent domain under the eminent

domain law of the State, such easements, rights, lands or other property

as may be necessary for the relocation of said railroad or railway  line

or tracks or other public utility facilities.

    The Department is authorized to convey such easements, rights, lands

or other property it has so purchased or acquired for said relocation of

the  said  railroad,  railway  company  or  other public utility by deed

executed by the Director of the Department.

(Source: Laws 1965, p. 428.)


    (605 ILCS 5/4-508)

    Sec. 4-508.  (a) Except as provided in paragraphs  (c)  and  (d)  of

this  Section,  and subject to the written approval of the Governor, the

Department may dispose of, by public sale, at auction or by sealed bids,

any land, rights or other properties, real or personal, acquired for but

no longer needed for highway purposes or remanents  acquired  under  the

provisions  of Section 4-501, provided that no such sale may be made for

less than the fair appraised value of such land, rights, or property.

    (b)  Except as provided in paragraphs (c) and (d) of  this  Section,

and  subject to the written approval of the Governor, the Department may

exchange any land, rights or  property  no  longer  needed  for  highway

purposes,  or  remanents, acquired under the provisions of Section 4-501

of this Code for equivalent interests in land, rights or property needed

for highway purposes. Where such interests are not of  equivalent  value

cash may be paid or received for the difference in value.

    (c)  If  at  the  time  any  property  previously  determined by the

Department to be needed for  highway  purposes  is  declared  no  longer

needed  for  such  purposes,  and the person from whom such property was

acquired still owns  and  has  continuously  owned  land  abutting  such

property  since the acquisition by the Department, the Department before

making any disposition of that property shall  first  offer  in  writing

that  property to the person from whom such property was acquired at the

current appraised value of the property.  If the offer  is  accepted  in

writing within 60 days of the date of the written offer, the Department,

subject  to  the  written  approval  of  the  Governor, is authorized to

dispose of such property to the  person  from  whom  such  property  was

acquired  upon  payment  of  the  appraised  value.  If the offer is not

accepted in writing within 60 days of the date of the written offer, all

rights under this paragraph shall terminate.

    (d)  If the Department  enters  into  or  currently  has  a  written

contract with another highway authority for the transfer of jurisdiction

of  any  highway  or  portion  thereof,  the Department is authorized to

convey, without compensation, any land, dedications,  easements,  access

rights,  or  any  interest  in  the  real  estate  that it holds to that

specific highway or portion thereof to the  highway  authority  that  is

accepting  or  has  accepted  jurisdiction.   However,  no  part  of the

transferred property can be vacated or disposed of without the  approval

of the Department, which may require compensation for non-public use.

    (e)   Except  as  provided in paragraph (c) of this Section, if  the

Department obtains or obtained  fee  simple  title  to,  or  any  lesser

interest,  in  any  land,  right, or other property and must comply with

subdivision (f)(3) of Section 6  of  Title  I  of  the  Land  and  Water

Conservation  Fund  Act  of 1965 (16 U.S.C. 460 l-8(f)(3)), the Historic

Bridge Program established under Title 23, United States  Code,  Section

144,   subsection   (o)   (23  U.S.C.  144(o)),  the  National  Historic

Preservation Act (16 U.S.C. Sec. 470), the  Interagency  Wetland  Policy

Act   of   1989,   or  the  Illinois  State  Agency  Historic  Resources

Preservation Act, the Department, subject to the written approval of the

Governor and concurrence of the grantee, is  authorized  to  convey  the

title  or  interest  in  the  land,  right, or other property to another

governmental agency,  or a not-for-profit organization that will use the

property for purposes consistent with the appropriate law.

    The Department may retain rights to protect the public interest.

(Source: P.A. 90-573, eff. 2-6-98; 90-755,  eff.  1-1-99;  91-357,  eff.



    (605 ILCS 5/4-508.1)

    Sec. 4-508.1.  In the event the Department obtains or  has  obtained

fee  simple  title  to,  or  any lesser interest in, any land, rights or

other property under the provisions of Section 4-508  of  this  Code  in

connection  with  a  project  involving  the  planned  construction of a

federal-aid highway and that project ceases to be a federal-aid project,

the Department is authorized to convey title to, or any lesser  interest

in,  all  such  land,  rights  or  property,  regardless  of whether any

construction has  taken  place,  to  the  Illinois  State  Toll  Highway

Authority  without  compensation  when  such  conveyance  is approved in

writing by the Governor.

(Source: P.A. 83-1258.)


    (605 ILCS 5/4-509)

    Sec. 4-509. In addition to other powers of the Department,  whenever

it  is  necessary  as  an  incident  to  the construction of a new State

highway  or  the  relocation,   reconstruction,   extension,   widening,

straightening,  alteration,  repair,  maintenance  or  improvement of an

existing State highway (including extensions of a new or existing  State

highway  through  or  into a municipality upon a new or existing street)

that property already devoted to a  public  use  be  acquired,  and  the

Department  and the public agency having jurisdiction over such property

have entered into  an  agreement  concerning  the  acquisition  of  such

property,  the  Department  is  authorized  to  purchase,  or to acquire

through the exercise of the right of  eminent  domain,  such  easements,

rights,  lands  or  other  property  as  may be necessary to replace the

public property being acquired. The Department is authorized  to  convey

to such public agency such easements, rights, lands or other property it

so  purchases  or  acquires for such replacement by deed executed by the

Director of the Department.

(Source: Laws 1965, p. 2921.)


    (605 ILCS 5/4-510)

    Sec. 4-510. The Department may establish presently  the  approximate

locations  and widths of rights of way for future additions to the State

highway system to inform the public and prevent costly  and  conflicting

development of the land involved.

    The  Department  shall  hold  a  public hearing whenever approximate

locations and widths of rights of way for future highway  additions  are

to  be  established.  The hearing shall be held in or near the county or

counties where the land to be used is located and notice of the  hearing

shall  be  published in a newspaper or newspapers of general circulation

in the county  or  counties  involved.  Any  interested  person  or  his

representative may be heard. The Department shall evaluate the testimony

given at the hearing.

    The  Department  shall  make  a survey and prepare a map showing the

location and approximate widths of the rights of way needed  for  future

additions to the highway system. The map shall show existing highways in

the  area  involved  and  the property lines and owners of record of all

land that will  be  needed  for  the  future  additions  and  all  other

pertinent  information.  Approval  of the map with any changes resulting

from the hearing shall be indicated in the record of the hearing  and  a

notice  of  the  approval  and  a  copy of the map shall be filed in the

office of the recorder for all counties in which  the  land  needed  for

future additions is located.

    Public  notice  of  the  approval  and  filing  shall  be  given  in

newspapers  of  general  circulation  in  all counties where the land is

located and shall be served by registered mail within 60 days thereafter

on all owners of record of the land needed for future additions.

    The Department may approve changes in the map from time to time. The

changes shall be filed and notice given in the manner  provided  for  an

original map.

    After  the  map  is  filed and notice thereof given to the owners of

record of the land needed for  future  additions,  no  one  shall  incur

development  costs  or  place  improvements  in,  upon or under the land

involved nor rebuild, alter or add to  any  existing  structure  without

first  giving  60 days notice by registered mail to the Department. This

prohibition shall not apply  to  any  normal  or  emergency  repairs  to

existing  structures. The Department shall have 45 days after receipt of

that notice to inform the owner of the Department's intention to acquire

the land involved; after which, it shall have the additional time of 120

days to acquire such land by purchase or to initiate action  to  acquire

said  land through the exercise of the right of eminent domain. When the

right of way is acquired by the State no damages shall  be  allowed  for

any  construction,  alteration  or addition in violation of this Section

unless the Department has failed to acquire the land by purchase or  has

abandoned  an  eminent  domain  proceeding  initiated  pursuant  to  the

provisions of this paragraph.

    Any  right  of way needed for additions to the highway system may be

acquired at any time by the State or by the county  or  municipality  in

which  it  is  located.  The  time  of determination of the value of the

property to be taken under this Section for  additions  to  the  highway

system  shall  be  the  date  of  the  actual taking, if the property is

acquired by purchase, or the date of  the  filing  of  a  complaint  for

condemnation,  if  the  property is acquired through the exercise of the

right of eminent domain, rather than  the  date  when  the  map  of  the

proposed  right-of-way was filed of record.  The rate of compensation to

be paid for farm land acquired hereunder by the exercise of the right of

eminent domain shall be in accordance with Section 4-501 of this Code.