2012 Media Articles

17 Dec, Mid-America left out
16 Dec, Stop158 Fall Newsltter
12 Dec, Interview with Ms. Kim Cella, Executive Director of STL-based Citizens for Modern Transit (CMT)
09 Dec, Flight to purge rolls continues
07 Dec, Local Data on Jobs
13 Nov, Business is looking up at MidAmerica
17 Oct, Candidates for state representatives
18 Sep, Wall Street Journal, The Gas Tax is Running Low
19 Aug, BND, Bigger Needs Than Exit 21
15 Aug, BND, St Clair County Sues Over Broken MidAmerica Lease
09 Aug, BND, This exit wont serve our city
25 Jul, BND, County: Give us back our money
23 Jul, TIF created blight
10 Jul, BND, Know when to fold'em at MidAmerica Airport
08 Jul, BND, A way to fly forward for St Clair County
05 Jul, Mid-America path is not clear
02 Jul, BND, Close MidAmerica and Save
01 Jul, BND, Make terminal a jail
28 Jun, BND, Can't Let Losses Keep Growing
26 Jun, Stop158 hosted council meeting

24 Jun, BND, Commission aims to recover $250,000
18 Jun, After the hoopla

17 Jun, There's nothing more American than expressing yourself
16 Jun, BND, Closer does not mean much
15 Jun, Airport warehouse expected to create 80 jobs
14 Jun, Stop158 Mid-America Flyer
14 Jun, Stop158 Summer Newsletter
14 Jun, Mid-America warehouse ceremony is today
14 Jun, Panel to Discuss Future of ... Mid-America Airport
12 Jun, Kern: 'One step closer to breaking even' at MidAmerica St. Louis Airport
08 Jun, BND, Bus ridership increases quickly
17 May, No funding for Gateway Connector until at least 2018
28 Apr, Photos from Earth
20 Apr, EWGCOG, Is The Era Of Smart Growth Over?
04 Apr, Midwest Cargo Hub gets $3 million in funding
01 Mar, 2012 Local Elections
13 Feb, EWGCOG, Americans Choose Walkability Over House Size
13 Jan, STL Regional Sustainable Communities, Newsletter Issue 8
01 Jan, Bringing "elections up to the 21st Century"