2010 Media Articles

25 Dec, New study, Walkable neighborhoods make people happier
22 Dec, MO and IL growing at slower rates
19 Dec, Our Puzzling Predicament
12 Dec, BND, Time to admiit the mistake
12 Dec, EWGCOG, Why the Green Revolution must start in Suburbia
06 Dec, Quit compounding mistake
06 Dec, Pavement sealant is identified as big pollutant
18 Oct, Exploding the Myth with Facts
06 Oct, BND, Money pit at MidAmerica
05 Oct, BND, Caution on exit ramps
04 Oct, BND, Group wins round in Clinton County pollution battle
03 Oct, BND Giving away the party hall
01 Oct, Stop 158 Fall News Letter
17 Sep, BND, Ageless and Remarkable: Metro-East volunteers singled out for honor
03 Sep, EWGCOG, Columbia IL named "Playful City USA"
29 Aug, BND, Mid-America critic
29 Aug, BND, Don't build on speculation
25 Aug, BND, Airport Losses
11 Aug, IL Business, Book ties foreclosures to suburbs
06 Aug, BND, Pedaling to independence
03 Aug, BND, Wait for levee fixes
01 Aug, STL, AT&T, others made big donations, got action in IL Gen Assembly
30 Jul, Telegraph, Governor signs law defining flood plan
22 Jul, BND, We'd have money if
22 Jul, BND, O'Fallon plans to steel money for overpass near proposed roundabout
10 Jul, 2009 EPA, Essential smart growth fixes for urban and suburban zoning codes
25 Jun, BND, Eminent domain may be needed for part of the Ill. 159 project in Collinsville
10 Jun, Group Donates Dozens of Bikes
01 Jun, IL Business, Dear Editor
04 Jun, EWGCOG, Aquatic Life Declines //// Drive Less Wins Prizes
30 May, The Record, It's called sprawl
28 May, EWGCOG, Getting to Smart Growth
28 May, State Senate OKs Star Bonds Bill
27 May, O'F Progress, Letter to the Editor: Interchange isn't Smart
27 May, O'F Progress, Letter to the Editor: Interchange unnecessary
27 May, St. Louis Business Journal, Senate OKs STAR bonds for Holland project
26 May, BND, Several Southern Illinois leaders maintain support for STAR bonds
21 May, EWGCOG, Open House for Public on Trans Improvement Program & Draft Air Quality Conformity
20 May, BND, No Reider Road exchange needed
17 May, O'Fallon needs new east-west traffic artery
07 May, Progress, Daily has sights set on ballot
05 May, The Telegraph, Flood plain bill prompts debate
04 May, Traffic study OK’d to guide development
04 May, The Telegraph, Developer wanted $100M to lure furniture giant
30 Apr, EWGCOG, Public Space Creation in Three Midwestern
30 Apr, STL Post, Developer drops plan for project in Glen Carbon
22 Apr, EWGCOG, Return of the 2way Street,
21 Apr, UTC promoters exploiting 'anxiety and fear' among workforce, legislators say
15 Apr, St Clair County Comprehensive Plan, Draft
04 Apr, UTC, Thousands of new jobs
04 Apr, STAR bonds fizzle out
02 Apr, Stop158 Newsletter, Spring, v6
26 Mar, BND, Holbrook says study, not mayors, turned him away from STAR bonds backing
24 Mar, Edwardsville, UTC developer meets with governor's staff
02 Mar, TIF on steroids
24 Feb, More groups are opposed to STAR bonds legislation
12 Feb, web, Traffic can clog your heart
10 Feb, BND, Developer asks metro-east mayors to rethink opposition to STAR bonds
06 Feb, BND, Mayors say no to STAR bond plan
06 Feb, BND, Stuck with airport
28 Jan, Collinsville, Funding Hunt for Lebanon Road
22 Jan, History of the Gateway Connector
12 Jan, Some mayors not on board with revised STAR bonds proposal
12 Jan, STAR bond issue gaining steam
12 Jan, NBC, The Fleecing of America: Mid-America Airport
10 Jan, BND, Sen. Dick Durbin last week added his voice to the chorus
10 Jan, BND, STAR bonds promise broken
09 Jan, BND, More time sought to mull STAR bonds for developments in state
08 Jan, BND, Officials upset with amount of time allowed to read latest STAR bond bill