2009 Media Articles

21 Nov, CNN, Housing bust halts growing suburbs
18 Nov, Stop158 Fall Newsletter v5 nbr 3
15 Nov, BND, Most Mid-America Flower Flights Have Been Less Than Half Full
12 Aug, Stop158 Summer Newsletter v5 nbr 2
06 Aug, Glen Carbon residents get more information on University Town Center
27 Jul, Won't sign STAR bond bill? Then veto it
15 Jul, STAR bonds bill still awaiting governor's signature
09 Jul, St. Louis congestion on the decline
03 Jul, Growth at Scott AFB drives ‘hundreds of millions’ in new construction
01 Jul, Census numbers: Area communities grow, shrink, are 'stabilized'
28 Jun, IDOT says Gateway Connector project not dead despite lack of funding
25 Jun, STL Post, EPA finds air pollution in Granite City poses high cancer risk
25 Jun, County chairman disputes EPA health findings
24 Jun, Neighborhoods in Madison County have poor air quality
12 Jun, Please VETO SB 1909—the STAR bonds bill
12 Jun, Stop158, VETO the STAR bonds bill, SB 1909
12 Jun, STL, STAR bonds bill in Illinois should be rejected
11 Jun, FEMA Launches Effort to Measure Impact of Climate Change on Flood Insurance
03 Jun, Meet me at the Market:  Health Care Organizing Kickoff
29 May, EWGCOG, FY2010-2013 Transportation Improvement Program
29 May, Controversial incentive package for billion-dolllar retail center heads to House floor
28 May, American Bottom Conservancy, STAR Bonds Financing Act
27 May, Town Center' plans raise worries about flooding
20 May, BND, Local lawmakers want new impact study on STAR bonds bill
12 May, NY Times, In German Suburb, Life Goes on Without Cars
08 May, EWGCOG, Draft Public Involvement Plan
23 Apr 09, Environmentalists cite worries about flooding
10 Apr, Stop158 Spring 09 Newsletter
10 Apr, EWGCOG, Housing and Transportation Planning
28 Mar, Dayton-Wedgewood Demonstration
27 Mar, Candidate Inputs
27 Mar, Is STAR SMART?
24 Mar, Developement Proposed
20 Mar, EWGCOG, Volume 12, Issue 12
19 Mar, Exploding the Myth with Facts