2008 Media Articles

25 Dec, Illinois transportation projects sought as part of federal stimulus package
19 Dec, EWGCOG Newsletter, States, Cities Spar Over Stimulus Money
17 Dec, Americans cutting back on driving, study says
04 Dec, STL Post, Yes, the economy's lousy right now
18 Nov, Stop158: Fall Newsletter
15 Nov, 2008 Taxes
19 Sep, BND, No need for this highway, K. DeSpain-Rogers
22 Sep, Meeting in Collinsville with IDOT personnel and Stop158 Team
20 Sep, My View of the future, Fred W. Frailey
09 Sep, IL Business Journal, Walkable communities continue to attract buyers
08 Sep, IL Business Journal, Dear Editor
06 Sep, NY Times, Highway fund shortfall may hault road projects
04 Sep, BND, Proposed I-64 Interchange
22 Aug, Future of Public Transportation
18 Aug, Facing High Gas Prices
08 Aug, EWGCOG Newsletter, Madison County Flood Prevention District Acts on Sales Tax for Levee Repair
07 Aug, BND, Proposed Road Leaves Residents in Limbo, DKelley
01 Aug, Stop158: Late Summer Newsletter
01 Aug, Bush Administration's Transportation Proposal Threatens Jobs, Commutes, and Public Transit Ridership
31 Jul, Brookings Institution, Our Bridge is Fixed; The Problem is Not
30 Jul, Associated Press, Little progress since bridge collapse
26 Jul, BND, Next leg of Scott Parkway in the works
25 Jul, BND, Columbia developer will appeal judge's dismissal of suit against city
24 Jul, City of Columbia wins in Colombia Crossings case
08 Jul, BND, Ramps Must be Redone
07 Jul, Stop158: Summer Newsletter
22 Jun, BND, My 10-year-old grandson could manage MidAmerica better
30 May, EWGCOG Newsletter, Transportation Improvement Program Presented at Open House Meetings
17 May, Telegragh, $2B Project awaits disputed permit, S Schmidt
12 May, Exploding the myth with facts
09 May, BND, Labor groups, others oppose Wal-Mart expansion in Granite City
04 May, STL Post, Environmental group reaches agreement over project in Granite City
03 May, BND, State of the Air
01 May, Sheltered carehome by Sharon Stevens
10 Apr, Stop158: Exploding the Myth with Facts
04 Apr, EWGCOG Newsletter, Economic Development isn't always what it is cracked up to be
04 Mar, EWGCOG Newsletter, The Wisdom of Communities,
03 Mar, The Smallest of Pollutants Are Linked to Outsize Health Risks
29 Feb, EWGCOG Newsletter, Smart Growth Implementation Assistance
27 Feb, The Smallest of Pollutants Are Linked to Outsize Health Risks
26 Feb, Stop158: Winter 2008 Newsletter
24 Feb, BND, Bi-State Council discovers slowdown in area growth:
22 Feb, IL Business Journal, Paul McKee Jr lobbies to land Chinese airlines
21 Feb, Alton, Going green will be an eluive target
18 Feb, STL Post, Traffic Plateau Clouds Planning by Elisa Crouch
18 Feb, Edwardsville, Future of green roofs looking up
17 Feb, Alton, Going green costly but state offers help
16 Feb, Alton, Grass roots goes for green
01 Feb, New requirement slows TIF in Missouri
25 Jan, IL Business Journal, Ameren is at it again, R. Ellerbrake
24 Jan, STL Post, It is bigger than Highway 40, John Roach
20 Jan, St Clair Journal, ICC to hold public forums on Ameren
17 Jan, BND, No need for highway, R. Ellerbrake
17 Jan, BND, The Con on Connector, Skillings
14 Jan, BND, Fix other roads, First
11 Jan, O'Fallon, Six reasons Gateway Connector isn't needed, Marty Ganz
04 Jan, BND, On guard against road, Bob Ramsey
04 Jan, STL Post, Fighting Fabulous 40, Stuart Katz
03 Jan, STL Post, Complicating lives with crazy commutes, Stephen Robin